Roof Systems

Clay Tiles

Clay has been used to produce an effective roof covering since Roman times. Clay tiles are made from naturally occurring clay deposits, which are processed, shaped and fired in kilns.

The material is highly durable and weather resistant, meaning that clay tiles do not normally require any maintenance during their design life. Modern production methods create products with improved durability and an increasing variety of colours and textures. A prime feature of clay tiles is their colour-fastness - their colours do not fade, but rather improve during their lifetime.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are manufactured from Portland cement, aggregate and water under a high pressure compaction and extrusion process. They usually have a colour pigment added to the mix, and some smooth faced tiles are surface finished with an acrylic coating.

Their large size (up to 10 per square metre for interlocking tiles) makes them easy to fit and they are the cheapest form of roofing tile. They are available in a large range of colour, profiles and textures, with fittings and accessories to complement them.

Concrete tiles are durable (a minimum guaranteed life of 50 years) and do not require maintenance..

Slate Roofs

Natural slate has been used throughout Europe for centuries as an attractive, durable and efficient roof covering. Modern reconstituted slates can have a natural slate content of up to 80% and provide a completely natural appearance, including a riven slate like surface. Our most popular natural slates are Spanish and Welsh.

Reconstituted slates are available with an interlocking design which can be laid on pitches as low as 17.5 degrees, or for a more traditional look, slates can be overlapped to form a conical shaped roof. The slates do not need on site sorting or holing unlike natural slate, and as a result there can be an overall weight reduction of up to 30%. They are maintenance free, and because of their high slate content they should retain their colour and appearance just like natural slate.

Stone Tiles

Stone tiles can ultimately be regarded as stone slates. The stones are laid in courses that reduce in size, with the smallest nearest the ridge and the largest to the eaves. Traditionally, roofing stone was often obtained from the land surrounding a building. Types of stone tiles vary from sandstone tiles (Sussex Slabs) to thick regular gritstone flags (Yorkshire, Lancashire and North Midlands). There are also limestone types, such as mellow forest marble of the South Cotswolds or the Collywestons from Northamptonshire.

Today, the local quarries have largely disappeared so that obtaining new stone tiles can costly and time consuming, and sources of reclaimed tiles are limited. At Young’s Roofing we apply our specialist knowledge to locate all appropriate materials to keep costs and lead time to a minimum, and ultimately maintaining the buildings existing beauty.

Flat Roofs

Young's Roofing Ltd can install new flat roofs in a range of materials and finishes, including lead.

Traditional flat roofs consist of three layers of polyester flat roofing felt bonded together using hot bitumen and finished in green mineral felt. Other flat roofs can be finished in solar paint and chippings.

Single Ply

Armourplan is the proven, environmentally friendly roofing membrane suitable for both new build projects and re-roofing applications. Young's Roofing Ltd is a registered Armourplan installer.

Single ply membranes are a quick and efficient way to replace your flat roof. Armourplan single ply consists of just one thick layer of membrane which can be used in conjunction with insulation and fixed using self adhesive glue (no heat needed).

Lead Work

Young's Roofing is a member of the Lead Contractors Association having been handpicked due demonstrating the sufficient level of proficiency required, out of the 40 membership enquires this year. Being a member of this association gives our clients reassurance in knowing that all lead works are carried out to a published, graded and vetted standard.

LCA membership demonstrates that our lead workers are knowledgeable in various aspects of lead roofing, as well as slating and tiling - but they are all firstly specialists in lead work.